Epilepsy - works or not?

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Epilepsy - works or not?

Post  Helen on Fri Apr 22, 2011 10:23 pm

Daisy just found this on Tumblr - she's obviously researching giving up her medication prior to her appt with the consultant on May 10th!!! Oblivious child - very scared Mother!!! affraid

I just saw a story on the news about a kid who used to have 50 seizures a day from epilepsy. His parents hated having him on medication because it would turn him into a droning zombie, so they decided to try a radical new diet: High fat, no sugar.

Jack eats more bacon, whole cream, mayonnaise, cheese, and other high fat foods in a week than your entire family does in a month.

Why though?

Our brains are programmed to run on glucose (AKA sugars), but when you deprive the brain of glucose, it will start to take energy from other sources. Fat can be turned into ketose and used by the brain. By eating zero sugar and lots of fats over the course of 4 years, Jack was able to essentially reboot his brain, eliminating his epilepsy. He hasn’t had a seizure since he started the diet 6 years ago, hasn’t taken a pill for it in 5 years, and hasn’t been on the diet for two years.


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